Contemporary Art

The SMUT Project’s Contemporary Art gallery is a space that features current, femme forward kink and fetish artworks by artists who are not SMUT Project contributors.  All rights reserved by the individual artists.

Empirical Smut

Artist’s Statement: “As the artist behind EmpiricalSmut, I draw and paint digital portraiture which seeks to capture the feminine form, with foot fetishism as a central visual theme, further inspired by classic pinup, fantasy, and sci-fi elements. Compared to more “standard”, ubiquitous forms of erotic imagery, the concept of foot fetishisim is still the target of a unique stigma and distaste by much of our society, despite being one of the most commonly-held (and mild) kinks. By creating and publishing my art, I try to counter some of these negative outlooks.

I create most of my art digitally, although I have used traditional pencils in the past for more classic greyscale drawings; presently, my main tools are Photoshop CC and a Wacom tablet. My style relies on bold, dark lineart to create a contrast that distinguishes shapes, and the figure from the background, with heavy anime influences rooted in semi-realism, while my colors use both muted tones, and vibrant hues, to create a vivid finished product that quickly catches the eye. I post my art on Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt, and manage a Patreon page with exclusive content for the fans who join.

While I do create fanart, my favorite subjects to draw are completely original in concept and design, and I select from a small pool of recurring female characters to foster familiarity between my audience and the characters created. This familiarity, along with character-specific appearances and costume styles, encourages the audience to view these characters, although fictional, as having unique personalities of their own that ground them, so that they are not simply vessels for exhibition and promotion of foot fetish themes.

My art is thus an endeavor in the widespread normalization and acceptance of foot fetishism by the public, the countering of any negative stigma, in the form of high-quality, unique, and visually-appealing content.”

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DeviantArt – EmpiricalSmut
Instagram – @EmpiricalSmut
Twitter – @EmpiricalSmut

Mad Tomy

Instagram – @madtomy
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Steffie Notion

Artist’s Statement: “‘The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe.’  -Lena Horne

This idea that nudity is intrinsically sexual and intended for a viewer has never resonated with me. I believe that all people, women in particular, should be comfortable and empowered in their own bodies. Nudity should not mainly be about pleasing a viewer or enticing a lover, it should be about feeling good in your own skin and accepting flaws as part of your unique self.  I am drawn to images that show people “feeling themselves”. The dichotomy of sexuality and modesty is something I like to play with as well. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive and I aim to find the balance between appearing modest but still feeling sexy.”

Instagram – @asubtlenotion
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Awakening Ritual 6

“Awakening Ritual”

Lexie Baker (Psychedelicious)

Artist’s Statement: “Concept: Freedom of sexuality, human freedom in general and the freedom to exhibit and have satisfaction in your own strengths as your own entity.

This concept is derived from 2000 year old pagan rituals. After the midwinter festival of Imbolc, the Galenalia festival takes place. This celebration was/is dedicated to the Goddess Minerva. As a Roman goddess of wisdom and trade, she inspired women to find their own strengths for survival. They would celebrate this festival of Galenalia by leaving their homes with their lady gangs for weeks at a time to travel together. Sisterhood freedom at its finest.”

Instagram – @psychedelicious.lex
Facebook – @PsychedeliciousArt

Naughty Knots

Artist’s Statement: “I am a self-taught embroiderer who loves making custom art of all styles and subjects. I have truly found my niche in referencing original photographs that capture the carnal, the somatic, the filthy and the taboo.

The shift that happens when people see their own bodies or their deepest fantasies represented in such a stripped down and precious way can be truly transformative. I relish in giving people that feeling.

Just remember – texting nudes is so passé. The future is all about sending hand-crafted, artfully rendered physical manifestations of those nudes to your friends and lovers.

I can work within most budgets and a portion of all sales are donated to the charity of your choice. Select works can currently be viewed on the walls at Awakening Boutique on Broadway in Denver.”

Instagram – @naughty__knots
Website –

Christiane L J Shillito

Artist’s Statement: “I’m a self-taught British artist and illustrator who grew up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. I’ve traveled all over the world with extended stays in Berlin and Italy before settling in Los Angeles for the best part of the last decade. I very recently relocated my studio to Oregon for a change of pace and scenery, though I still have many ties to Southern California.

Most of my work is figurative, focusing on female and/or gender variant characters, with the core theme of my most recent project being introspection and using adversity as a foundation for growth and transformation.

Last year I had shoulder surgery which prohibited me from creating in my usual tightly controlled way and forced me to loosen up and change the way I work, with less refined sketches of the figure as my starting point. Watercolor seemed like the ideal medium to experiment and embrace a more spontaneous way of painting… I quickly fell in love with the process of blending paint directly onto various substrates, allowing it to take on it’s own life and direction. Though I have since recovered from the surgery I’ve tried to retain some of the more free flowing and expressive process in my latest work.”

Instagram – @ulorin_vex
Website –

Aphrodite: In the Name of Love







Paul Pickersgill

Artist’s Statement: “Each artwork comes with a fun, sexy name bio reading, that brings to life the person’s sensuality in words, to accompany their commissioned artwork.  The conception of my project came about when a friend of mine called Faye, asked me to create an artwork to celebrate her and her girlfriend’s relationship — I hit upon the idea of a name, and she was so delighted with the result, that she urged me to develop it into a full-blown project.”

Instagram – @aphrodisiartpaul
Website –

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