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Synopsis: Bridget throws an impromptu Halloween get together for her friends, and gives them a naughty demonstration of her witchy feminine powers.

This F+ (Multiple Mistress Femdom) story features:
Foot Fetish, Edging, Orgasm Control, Spanking, Erotic Humiliation, Footdom in Socks, Nylons and Sandals, Trampling and Cum Play.

It wasn’t actually quite Halloween just yet, it was the day before, but as I approached the house, of course, you couldn’t have told the difference. There were glowing three jack o’ lanterns on the steps, each with their own cartoonish, exaggerated expressions, there were spider web decorations on the porch and in the trees, and there were green, orange, and purple lights along the side of the house, pointing upwards and making it look like the “spook factory” that I knew that Bridget delighted in having it be.

In fact, the house had looked like that for close to two weeks, an overeager Bridget having decorated as soon as she had the time, and I smiled as I walked past the skeletons “crawling out of” the yard. What could I say? It was her favorite holiday, and I liked seeing her go a little overboard. I liked seeing the glee and the scheming and the planning. I liked that she put so much effort in and paid so much attention to all the little details, crafting the world that most suited her for the one time of year in which it was suitable to do so.

It was cold, and a thin layer of icy snow crusted the lawn, with its skeletons and foamcore gravestones. She had said it was her ambition to be the scariest house on the block, and as I glanced up and down the street I saw that she had certainly achieved it. I smiled to myself, proud of her I suppose, and stepped up onto the porch.

A big, veiny eyeball stared at me as I rang the doorbell and searched my coat quickly for the stray blonde hairs of my dog, and shuddered a little in the cold. I didn’t know what I had to be nervous about. She had told me that it was just going to be a trial run for tomorrow, hanging out with some of her friends while we all made sure our costumes were perfect, and watched a couple of movies. I guess it was Samantha and Vanessa if I’m honest. We had never had problems or anything, it was just that when Bridget got around them her sense of humor took on an aspect that I never quite knew how to make sense of. It was still fairly early in our relationship, and while I loved her very much I never quite knew what to expect from her. I guess, if I’m honest again, that was one of the things I loved the most.


© 2018

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PUBLIC PREVIEW – Crossing Kim (Our Neighbor, Part II)

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Part II in The Domme Next Door series!

Synopsis: Annie and her boyfriend make the mistake of breaking Kim’s rules, and have to suffer the consequences for their indiscretion.

This F/L (Couples’ Femdom) story features:

Punishment, Edging, Cuntbusting, Cum Play, Erotic Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Sock Fetish, Strapon Play, Dildo Play, and Chastity.


…loud enough that we hadn’t heard her until she was right outside our door. It was hearing her keys that snapped us out of it. I stopped suddenly as my stomach tumbled, and Annie heard it too and snapped her head around to look behind us. “Oh my god,” she whispered. “I think we’re in trouble.” I could see the shadow of her heels in the space beneath the door, and I shuddered as she stood there for a moment before continuing on to her apartment.

Annie stood up and pushed me back, listening, and then she reached back and pulled me out as she turned around. Suddenly, her phone buzzed on the counter and mine did in my pocket, and when we checked them we each turned them around to show what the other one said too:


Then, a moment later:

As you are. Now.

“Shit!” Annie said in an emphatic whisper. “She knows!”


© 2018

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Short Story “Stripped Tease” is complete!

Short Story “Stripped Tease” is complete!

TSP’s lastest short story, Stripped Tease, is now complete and available to backers on Patreon who subscribe at the $10/month level or higher!

Synopsis: Cruel Jordan can’t get enough of watching her poor roommate squirm.

This L (Lezdom) story features:
Tease and Denial, Bondage, Edging, Orgasm Control, Erotic Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Sock Fetish, Footdom in Socks, Strapon Play, Spit Fetish, Tickling, and Wrestling.

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Katy Did cover (JPG)Synopsis: An unfortunate mistake leaves an office assistant and her boyfriend in a desperate situation, and they’ll do anything to help her keep her job. (7,437 words)

This F/L (Couples Femdom) story features:
Blackmail, Punishment, Bondage, Facesiting/Cunnilingus, Strapon Play, Footdom in Nylons, Erotic Humiliation, Edging, Orgasm Control, Spanking/Slapping, and Cuntbusting.

It was Katy’s fault.  I had pulled out my phone earlier in the day to a text message she had sent me, reading, “Oh my god.” Then, another, “I think I’m fired.” My heart did a somersault and I asked her what happened, but she just said that she was being called into her boss’s office and that she’d tell me later. I waited more than an hour for her to get back to me, but instead she just showed up at home, crying, and saying that our date for the night would have to be canceled.

She had started a job about three months ago, a very Devil Wears Prada-esque job at a financial firm as an overworked office assistant to a severe, demanding, and exacting woman who I had only known by name and reputation. Until now. Every night she would come home with another story about what Amanda had put her through, and yet every time I suggested that it wasn’t good for her or that she find something else she assured me that somehow, in spite of everything, she loved the job.

She loved her position as Amanda’s assistant, and when she wasn’t talking about the trials and tribulations of it all she was saying how much she admired her and what an incredible woman she was. She said taking Amanda’s messages and even running out for her coffee made her feel important. She loved the firm’s sleek, glamorous offices in a high rise downtown. She said the networking was incredible and that it would lead to big opportunities for her.

And, of course, the money was great. It afforded us a tight but semi-rich lifestyle, and for one thing it enabled us to move in to the huge, well-furnished loft in the trendy neighborhood, which was great but we were just making it financially, especially since I had been out of work. What’s more we didn’t have any real assets or savings to speak of because we were just getting started, and we had no one else that we could rely on for money. We both knew how bleak, even catastrophic, it would be to lose our only source of income.

She wiped at her face and choked back the tears as she told me what had happened. Apparently she had been instructed to clean up and do some filing in Amanda’s office as she left the building for a lunch meeting and, in one of the rare spare moments she had happened to have to herself, she had attempted to send me a naughty picture of herself with her skirt hiked up and her fingers inside her from behind while she bent over Amanda’s desk. Unfortunately though, instead of sending it to me she had inadvertently sent it to the other last person she had texted– Amanda. She showed me how the caption had been a long, elaborate thing, reading that she had been finding little times to do that all morning, and that she was dreaming of my dick replacing her fingers when she got home. She had said in detail how horny she was, and how badly she wanted her pussy filled up.

Her green, sopping eyes were wide behind her glasses as she finally looked at me, and she described how Amanda had suddenly returned shortly thereafter, looking livid and summoning her back into her office. She had ordered Katy to her knees and demanded that she show her all the other dirty pictures she had sent me from work, and she had walked around her in circles as she looked over the dirty texts we had sent back and forth, and finally she had stood back in front of her and dropped Katy’s phone back in her lap.

Katy bowed her head as she told me that she had cried and pleaded with Amanda, begged to keep her job, and assured her that she would do anything. She got a forlorn, distant look as she described how Amanda had tested her resolve by ordering her to bow down and kiss her shoes, and that she had obeyed. As she was sent home Amanda had told her to cancel any plans she may have had for the night, and given her explicit instructions to spend the afternoon preparing for her arrival at our apartment at 5:30 that evening.

I was shocked, and I scrambled for the words to respond, but Katy checked the watch on her wrist and blanched, suddenly looking desperate, and she pleaded with me to help her clean the apartment and make it presentable. We cleaned and tidied for nearly two hours, arranging everything just so and scrubbing seemingly every inch. Finally when the time approached she said we had to stand in the entryway while we waited.

“Did you want to change?” I asked her, but she shook her head as she smoothed her skirt and tried to get her hair under control.

“She told me not to.” Then she looked at me with hesitation and then looked me up and down. “Um… There was something else.”

She looked slightly panicked, but she told me that Amanda’s instructions had included that we both greet her at the door within three seconds of her knocking, and her face trembled as she said that they had also specified that I be stripped to my underwear when she arrived.

“She said you were in this as much as I was.”

I protested for a moment, demanding to know exactly what was going on and what exactly was meant to take place when Amanda arrived, but Katy looked at her watch, terrified, and pleaded with me to do as Amanda said.

“When she’s here, too,” she begged as I took off my clothes and laid them out of the way on the floor. “Please, whatever she says. She said if things go well tonight she’ll keep me on. Please.”

I acquiesced, finally, knowing the position we were in, and just as I did her eyes got wide and she shushed me quickly. I heard what she was hearing, the rumble of the elevator down the hall from our door. We heard the chime and the sound of it opening, and a hush fell over us and seemed to cover the entire apartment. We listened through the door, waiting and wondering if it was her, wondering whether she was on the other side of it, wondering what was taking her so long, and then suddenly her knock snapped through the silence and we both jumped visibly.

Katy gave me one final look, one of mixed resolve and trepidation, and then she leaned forward and opened the door.

© 2017

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