FemDom FAQ

A Philosophical Glossary of Femdom Terms

What do these words mean? What do they mean to kinky people in a kinky context, and how do they help us express and communicate?

Recommended Reading List

The SMUT Project strives to provide the best resources we can for kink and femdom practitioners, but for other perspectives and approaches there are a number of wonderful books we are happy to recommend!

Finding a FemDom Partner

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions in online forums, and one of the most common issues facing people who want to engage with kink practice (and FemDom specifically) in a way that involves partners and real life experience– how do you find people to play with and explore?

Giving the Ultimate Femdom Foot Bath & Massage

Foot massage and foot bathing is one of the oldest ritual acts of submission, performed since ancient times and immortalized around the world in myth, scripture, and artwork for millennia.

How to Stink Your Socks

As a practicing full time Domme with a slave that loves to be tortured with the stench of my goddess feet, I am frequently trying to find better ways to stink up my socks and challenge him.

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