Sex Club Podcast


“Real kinky people in a real kinky relationship talking real kinky stuff.”

The Sex Club Podcast is a down to earth sex, kink, and fetish positive discussion program that gives people of all kinds the chance to enjoy and engage with BDSM topics in an honest and authentic way, featuring the SMUT Project’s own Lady Z and Yours Truly.

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Lady Z & Yours Truly discuss the book A Lover’s Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism with its author, Peter Tupper.

Lady Z & Yours Truly talk about confronting mismatches in compatibility, introducing kink into a relationship, and exploring with a partner.

Lady Z & Yours Truly discuss getting out there in the kink community! Being social in kinky spaces and what those spaces are actually like, and the importance of making connections with others.

Lady Z & Yours Truly talk about kink identity; finding yours, finding theirs, what it means to talk about and live up to roles and dynamics with others.

The bodies discussion continues! Covering bodies in the media, body modification, chronic pain, communication, and kink bodies!

Lady Z and Yours Truly discuss all things bodies! Loving your own, being positive about the bodies of others, historical perspectives on bodies, bodies in art, prehistorical bodies and approaches to beauty, “natural” and “ideal” bodies, and their own!

Lady Z and Yours Truly introduce themselves and talk about their histories and their approaches to kink, love, gender, and more! Formative moments, what it was like growing up, and finding one’s own path.