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Below is a collection of artworks that relate to or represent femdom, kink, and fetish themes. With the early works many of these themes are more subtle and implicit, though naturally they become more overt as we reach the mid-19th century. The goal of this collection is to establish and recognize the historical continuity of things that are commonly expressed today through the practice of BDSM.

Phyllis and Aristotle

Phyllis & Aristotle (16th c.)
Bartholomeus Spranger

Depiction of the seductress Phyllis riding Aristotle, “proving that a woman’s charms could overcome even the greatest philosopher’s male intellect.”  The story is believed to have originated in the early 13th century.

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The Bath of Diana (1635-1640)
Peter Paul Rubens

The Roman goddess Diana is often shown bathing, with an attendant at her feet. See other depictions here.

Bathsheba at Her Bath (1654)

The biblical figure Bathsheba is also often similarly depicted (see below).

A Lady with a servant washing her feet (1690-1700)
Johannes Voorhout

The Toilet of Psyche (1735)
Charles-Joseph Natoire

Diana Leaving Her Bath (1742)
François Boucher

A young woman on a canopied bed… (1749)
Kasam, Son of Gul Muhammad

Bathsheba in the Bath (1834)
Francesco Hayez

Diana’s Toilet (1847)
Alexey Venetsianov

La Femme aux bas blancs (1864)
Gustave Courbet

For more on Courbet and his nude works, see our article Was Gustave Courbet the First Modern Pornographer?

Andromeda (1869)
Edward Poynter

La Toilette (1869-1870)
Frédéric Bazille

Drawing from the Her Faithful Servant series (c. 1870s)
Heinrich Lossow

Illustration for La Roman de Violette (1870)

The Foot-Bath (c. 1870)*
After Antoine-Émile Plassan

The Bather (1874)
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

E [Letter from an erotic alphabet] (c. 1880)
Joseph Apoux

Jeune Femme délaçant ses chaussures (c. 1890)
Antoine-Émile Plassan

Unknown (c. 1890-1911)
Unknown artist

Illustration for Earl Lavender (1895)
Aubrey Beardsley

Sketched Nude with Tied Wrists (1898)
Byam Shaw

Les Oreades (1902)
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Illustration for La Grande Danse macabre des vifs (1905)
Martin van Maële

Illustration for De Figuris Veneris (1906)
Édouard-Henri Avril

Illustration for Trilogie Érotique (1907)
Martin van Maële

The Gilded Cage (1908)
Saint George Hare

Illustration for Gamiani (1908)
Unknown artist

Love (c. 1911)
Mihàly Zichy

Illustration for Les Malheurs de Colette (1914)
Eric Galton

Unknown title (1920s-1930s)
Georges Topfer

Illustration for La Comtesse au Fouet (1926)
Martin van Maële

Illustration for Cydalise (1930)
Jean de Sauteval (Jean Morisot)

Illustration for Dresseuses d’Hommes (1931)
Jim Black (Luc Lafnet)

* = Courtesy of Wellcome Images