Ruthless Erotica



Savagely strict, and magnificently mean.

The SMUT Project’s RUTHLESS erotica is the most intense we have to offer, containing situations, scenarios, and encounters that play with coercion, compulsion, and duress, or that involve torments and tortures that push those subject to them to the extreme.

Short Stories

Full Marks

(1,772 words / 8 mins)
/ ♂

A caring and devoted slave helps recognize his goddess’ achievement by being put through a devious torture.

[Foot Fetish (Socks), CBT, Impact Play (Trampling)]

Roller Derby Dommes

(3,609 words / 16 mins)
♀♀♀♀♀ (+) / ♂

A fierce team of roller derby warriors celebrates their victory and settles a bet with their coach after winning the league championship.

[Foot Fetish (Socks), Impact Play (Ballbusting, Trampling), Lost Bet]

The New Hire
(Katy Did, Part II)

(3,739 words / 17 mins)
♀♀ (+) / ♀

Katy goes back to work with a new job description and has to serve not only her boss but her co-workers too.

Part II in The Office Slut Saga!

[Bondage, Erotic Humiliation, Impact Play (Spanking, Cuntbusting), Orgasm Control, Strapon]

Squad Goals

(3,413 words / 15 mins)
♀♀♀ (♀) /

A women’s rugby team makes it to the playoffs, and its star players have a locker room celebration at the expense of the opposing team’s captain.

[Erotic Humiliation, Foot Fetish (Socks, Bare Feet), Strapon, Blackmail]

Katy Did

Katy Did

(7,437 words / 33 mins)
/ ♀♂

An unfortunate mistake leaves an office assistant and her boyfriend in a desperate situation, and they’ll do anything to help her keep her job.

Part I in The Office Slut Saga!

[Bondage, Erotic Humiliation, Facesitting, Foot Fetish (Nylons), Impact Play (Cuntbusting, Spanking, Breast Torture), Orgasm Control (Edging), Strapon]

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