Bossy Erotica



Lively and commanding.

The SMUT Project’s BOSSY erotica is features playful, engaging dominants who are firm and unwavering in their authority.  Often joyful and frequently inspiring, these are intermediate stories that should suit most erotic D/s sensibilities.

Short Stories

The Incentive

(4,990 words / 22 mins)
♀♀ / ♂

A novice Domme with a demanding job is celebrated for an accomplishment at work, under the direction and guidance of her powerful, experienced boss.

[Foot Fetish (Bare Feet, Nylons), Domestic Servitude, Orgasm Control (Discipline, Chastity), Facesitting, Strapon]

Begging for a Blowjob

(1,509 words / 8 mins)
/ ♂

A slave gets a lesson in discipline beneath the stockinged feet of his relentlessly strict Mistress.

[Foot Fetish (Nylons), Orgasm Control (Discipline)]

Trick or Treat…

(8,575 words / 38 mins)
♀♀♀♀♀♀ / ♂

Bridget throws an impromptu Halloween get together for her friends, and gives them a naughty demonstration of her witchy feminine powers.

[Cum Play, Erotic Humiliation, Foot Fetish (Nylons, Socks, Bare Feet), Impact Play (Spanking, Trampling), Orgasm Control (Edging)]

Personal Trainer

(5,569 words / 25 mins)
/ ♂

In a tiny, private, urban gym, a tough and gorgeous athlete puts a weak slave through his paces.

[Erotic Humiliation, Facesitting, Foot Fetish (Socks, Bare Feet), Impact Play (Ballbusting, Spanking), Wrestling]

Chloe’s Gift

(9,319 words / 41 mins)
♀♀♀ / ♂ > ♀

Chloe’s friends Kacey and Danielle want to have a lesbian sex party with Chloe, but if she wants to bring her boyfriend along he’ll have to become one of the girls.

[Erotic Humiliation, Foot Fetish (Socks), Gender Play (Feminization), Impact Play (Spanking), Orgasm Control (Chastity), Strapon]

The New Roommate

(2,552 words / 11 mins)
/ ♂

A convenient living arrangement gets complicated when it turns out Elaina is a domme with a fetish.

[Domestic Servitude, Foot Fetish (Socks), Impact Play (Trampling)]

Torture in the Tent

Torture in the Tent

(6,757 words / 30 mins)
♀♀♀ / ♂

Lauren and two of her best friends have plans of their own when they invite an unsuspecting victim camping.

[Bondage, Cum Play (Squirting), Facesitting, Foot Fetish (Socks), Impact Play (Trampling), Orgasm Control, Smoking]

The Class

The Class

(11,882 words / 52 mins)
♀♀♀♀♀♀♀ / ♂

An experienced domme teaches an attentive group of women her tips and tricks for dominating a slave.

[Erotic Humiliation, Foot Fetish (Bare Feet, Socks), Impact Play (Trampling), Orgasm Control (Chastity)]

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