Content Manifesto

These days there is an awful lot of erotic and pornographic content out there, both in print and on the internet, and it pains us to say that within that there is a lot of awful content to be found.

Apart from considerations of taste and quality, there is a great deal of subject matter that we at The SMUT Project find morally repugnant, and that will never feature in our creative and artistic endeavors. You can count on TSP NEVER to feature or glorify themes of:

  • Rape
  • Abuse
  • Incest
  • Beastiality
  • or, Juvenility

Furthermore, there are a number of sex acts that, while apparently powerful turn-ons for some, simply cannot be countenanced by the creative minds at SMUT, and therefore our work will NOT involve cuckolding, scat, electro play, castration, forced intoxication, period play, race play, age play, and so on.

The SMUT Project WILL seek always to provide the most respectful and respectable depictions of erotic acts and attitudes, and will strive continually to enunciate the most appreciable aspects of whatever its work depicts.

THIS MEANS: no schoolgirls, no Mommys, no werewolves, no filth, no date rape, no Bulls, no trash.

Just SMUT.