About TSP

The SMUT Project is a femme-centric, kink and fetish based arts and culture organization, established in 2017, whose mission is, “to elevate erotic expression in the literary and artistic worlds and to connect the curious to quality works that inspire, delight, and enrich.”

Our literary arm, SMUT Project Press, is currently focused on the production of erotic novels and short fiction, thought-provoking essays on BDSM issues in the arts, society, and culture, and thoughtful and instructive guides on everything from kink practices and techniques to specialized skills, to romance and dating, and more.

SMUT Project Studios, our home for the visual arts, is focused on producing content that enriches and inspires as much as it may arouse.  Our first still photography galleries are live now, as is our design gallery, and in the future we look forward to producing video and documentary content that pursue the same goals.

The Sex Club Podcast brings our voices and our conversations to the world, discussing and speaking candidly about all aspects of kinky life, with a touch of humor and (hopefully) some valuable insights here and there.

Through our bookselling arm, SMUT Erotic Books, we intend to promote thoughtfulness and education on and reward curiosity about sexuality and sex-related issues. We connect readers to great books of all kinds, with titles ranging from erotica to guides and handbooks, history and science, biographies and memoirs, and more and more and more!

And, though under construction at the moment, our very own SMUT Project Shop provides merchandise and apparel with an explicitly sex positive bent.  Look for new designs coming soon!

In addition to these efforts, we maintain galleries of historic fine art and vintage photography that demonstrate the historical continuity of our values and persuasions, and we have an active social media presence that engages with our fans and our community.

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