A Special Gift on Our 2nd Anniversary

Dearest Sexual Intellectuals,

Today marks a full 2 years since we launched this humble endeavor with the goal of making a better world for sex and for the people who care about it, and in the last year we’ve seen remarkable growth in every aspect of this effort.

Over the past 12 months we’ve:


  • Seen a 573% increase in traffic to our website

But so many other wonderful things have happened along the way. We met the first strangers who had heard about SMUT Project through the grapevine, Lady Z and I started showing our faces (among other things) online, we attended several events where we got to network and start the conversation with so many great people, and we’re really making a name for what we do and what we’re about.

We’ve seen such a positive and exciting response to what we’ve put out so far, and we really want to thank you all for being a part of it.

But there’s something else too. We’ve done some serious thinking around here, and because we believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to engagement with our perspective and our unique brand of sex positive content, as of today…

We’re making ALL of our Premium content available for FREE!!

That means that all 24 of our erotic short stories and our photography galleries are freely accessible, there for the asking, no subscription needed.

AND, through today, we’re offering FREE eBooks over on Smashwords (Coupon code: XY98G).

In the midst of all of this, however, we are asking you for your support.

If you like and believe in what we do and if you’d like to see us be able to do even more as we grow into Year 3, please consider making a one time gift to support our efforts.

This project is growing well beyond a sideline for both of us, and as we look into the future we have so many exciting goals and plans and ideas. Your continued support (whether financially or otherwise) is more important now than ever, and will directly impact what we are able to accomplish as we move forward.

So thank you all again for appreciating and caring about what we do here at SMUT. That has meant the most out of all of this, and it’s been very gratifying and validating to see us get as far as we have. We hope we can look forward to your continued engagement and support in the coming year.


Yours Truly

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