[Podcast] Episodes 1-3 Are Now Live!

We are very pleased to announce that the first 3 episodes of The Sex Club Podcast are NOW LIVE on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube, and Buzzsprout!

Episode 1 – Origin Stories

In The Sex Club’s very first episode, Lady Z and Yours Truly introduce themselves and talk about their histories and their approaches to kink, love, gender, and more! Formative moments, what it was like growing up, and finding one’s own path.

Episode 2 – Bodies (Part 1)

Lady Z and Yours Truly discuss all things bodies! Loving your own, being positive about the bodies of others, historical perspectives on bodies, bodies in art, prehistorical bodies and approaches to beauty, “natural” and “ideal” bodies, and their own!

Episode 3 – Bodies (Part 2)

The “bodies” discussion continues! Covering bodies in the media, body modification, chronic pain, communication, and kink bodies!

Go check ’em out! And don’t forget to like, rate, follow, and subscribe!

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