How to Stink Your Socks



by Lady Z


As a practicing full time Domme with a slave that loves to be tortured with the stench of my goddess feet, I am frequently trying to find better ways to stink up my socks and challenge him.

In the beginning of my explorations of footdom, the most obvious way of doing so seemed to be wearing my socks for multiple days. I have a very physically demanding job and am on my feet all day, sweating. So, of course, it was my first experiment. I thoroughly enjoyed reporting my progress to my slave every day, reminding him the number of days I had been wearing the one pair of quarter length black gym socks.

The day of foot torture finally arrived and, whilst the socks were indeed warm and sweaty once my slave removed my boots, the smell dissipated quickly! Foiled in my attempts to relentlessly make my slave submit to my stinky socks and feet, I began to do some research. He would not get off so easily next time…

Researching how to stink feet is not a normal Google search, though I innocently believed it would reveal the results I was hoping for. Instead, I was lead to sites that described how to do the opposite of what I wanted to achieve. So, through some trial and error (and with a very willing slave), I have compiled this guide for foot dommes around the world so that they may more effectively command submission from their foot sluts.

Types of Socks

img_8979First things first, let’s think about what socks do. Socks are meant to separate our feet from the inside soles of our shoes and absorb the generous amount of sweat we produce every day. According to, feet have 250,000 sweat glands in them, and can produce up to a pint of sweat a day. In recent history, we have developed textile types that will allow the feet to breath more and be less sweaty. This stops the bacteria that produce smelly organic acid compounds from accumulating. For athletes, this is fantastic. For foot dommes, not so much. Our goal is to accumulate sweat and create that perfect environment for the organic acids that make our foot sluts so desperate and submissive.

So far, I have concluded that synthetic and full cotton socks are the best type for retaining moisture. Synthetic socks do not allow any air flow,  evaporation, or absorption. Instead they achieve what is called “moisture wicking”, which moves the sweat from the inside of the sock to the outside of the sock. This was originally invented to help with sweat accumulation that leads to blisters. Without a very breathable shoe though, the outside of synthetic socks stay wet and perfect for rubbing on a poor, little slut’s face. Acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, or polyester are some more popular fabrics that most sites will tell you to avoid because of these properties, but obviously I am saying the opposite. Go get ‘em!

img_8813Cotton socks act differently and are lighter, but they absorb moisture and do not easily dispel it. They can also retain heat (whereas wool insulates) and this can help smells accumulate. Finding 100% cotton socks can be a bit trickier than finding synthetic sock types. You can order them online or it you have an aversion to paying shipping costs (like I do), your next option is to find socks that have a high percentage of cotton in them. Anything above 60% cotton works nicely for our purposes.


Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes. SHOES!

I must admit that I grew up a tomboy and was therefore shoeless for most of the time, especially in the summers. Growing up I had worn shoes for the same reasons we all do: to protect us from the dirty ground outside and its potential hazards. Not until footdom did I really ever think about  my socks or shoes very much. They were just a part of my routine that did what I need them to do, and if they failed at that I would go buy another pair.

Now, I am realizing how important my feet really are. They are what connect me to this earth and give me the strength and stability to explore life to the fullest. Not only can I express a certain style commentary, I can also know that my feet are safe and oh so stinky.

img_9043As I stated earlier, shoes that do not have breathable tops are more likely to retain moisture and smells. This is why my favorite pair of leather boots are my favorite for stinking up socks, especially if I want to test my foot slut to their limits. Any boots in fact are very good at keeping our feet sweaty and warm. Canvas soles are also notorious or accumulating stench, so shoes like Keds or Converse are fantastic for smelly socks. Athletic shoes can be a hit or miss, depending on how much mesh and breathability is built into the shoe. I have found that the tennis shoes without mesh but with cotton padding are great for smells, especially if worn while exercising.


My first instinct to wear the same pair of socks for many days was indeed correct, and with the correct socks and shoes, my personal collection of feet smells is very prevalent and long lasting.

img_8863I normally like to start on Monday and make sure that my foot slut knows that it is Day #1. Then I will wear that pair for the rest of the day, take a picture of them at the end of the day and send it to my sub, and then make sure they have a designated spot in my room so I remember to put the same pair on in the morning. I took me about three days to make this a habit and to remember to don the same socks every morning. Depending on when I will see my sub next, I will keep those socks on and continually remind them the number of days i have been wearing them. The longest I have worn a pair was 5 days and, man oh man, they were so beautifully stinky!

Another option is to wear a pair for a couple of days and then put them aside and wear another pair and put them aside. This way you will have some stinky socks ready to go for impromptu submission sessions. This is especially useful during the summer when sandals and heels are more popular and do not require socks. Of course, always do things to your own comfortability and with your health in mind. See the last option for further information on foot health.

It’s important to be Dirty in a Clean way!


I’m sure that you’re a bit confused right now. How can one be dirty and clean at the same time?  Well, let me tell you it is possible, especially if you reassess what clean and dirty mean to you.

img_8307Sweaty socks have always been thought of as dirty. I am sure that has to do with the smell and that sweat accumulates and dries in their fibers. As Dommes, we do not think of this as dirty, but as a gift. Unfortunately, we soil that gift when we walk around on our house floors with our sacred, soaked socks. This type of dirty is not safe for our subs! Even if your  sub keeps your house immaculately clean, the floors are never clean enough to walk on and then shove our feet into our slut’s little faces and mouths. Our first and most important priority is always their safety.

There are a couple of easy ways to make sure that your socks stay dirty clean. First, buy some slippers! This is doubly useful because not only will they protect your socks from the floor, but they also keep your feet warm and sweating.

img_8906Second, double up. Layering can be key, especially if you wear work boots or other types of safety shoes and are worried that the dirtiness of that environment will break through the protective barrier of your shoes. This just requires you to cover the first layer of socks with another pair you are not planning on using for domination. I try to wear socks that I deem cute or pretty under my work socks so that they can be revealed when my foot slave takes off my shoes. This way they are pretty and potent.

Healthy Feet are Happy Feet


Whilst on this journey of stink and domination I have been very conscious of the health of my feet. The last thing I want is for my feet to be unsuitable for worship. I have been sure to keep my feet clean.

You do not want to scrub your feet, but allowing them to soak in soapy water is good for keeping the harmful bacteria at bay. Also, removing my socks when I get home from work has been a very important ritual for me. To me this has symbolized the end of my work as a welder and a Domme. I snap a picture and send it to my sub, then I safely store them in a designated spot in my room and can relax.

I have also instituted foot bathing and foot massage as two of my good slut’s duties. This way they are also responsible for the wellbeing of the feet that they worship. My lovely slave has written a guide on how to give an effective foot bath and I suggest reading it to your sub, or requiring them to read it and follow instructions. One of their priorities is to keep our feet beautiful, relaxed, and healthy.

It has taken me some time to develop the skills to effectively stink up my socks. When I finally combined all of the above suggestions, I brought my socks worn for 5 days to my foot slut. They were able to smell them as they pulled my leather boots off, and this caused them to shake terribly. They were perfectly moist and soaked in my scent. It was a night filled with beautifully stinky trampling, toe sucking, ball busting, and complete domination.

Hopefully these suggestions will also lead you to ultimate domination of your poor, greedy sock sluts.


© 2019

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