The Philosophy of Foot Worship


by Mr. Yours Truly

This post is excerpted from our guide, Giving the Ultimate Femdom Foot Bath & Massage.

In many ways the act of ritual foot worship massage is as symbolically powerful as it is therapeutic, and it is worth exploring the perspective from which it should properly be carried out. To do this we should recognize a few important things about both her feet and their relationship to her.

Firstly, we should recognize that a woman’s feet are, in a quite literal way, what connects her to the world. When we think of a confident, empowered woman, a goddess, a physical manifestation of the feminine divine, and we imagine her standing proudly and confidently on her own strength and possessed of her own power, and we then imagine subtracting everything else in her environment, her feet are the only thing left, the only physical conduit attaching her to this plane and to the physical space in which she operates. This is what can make trampling and pedestaling such a profound experience in addition to the sensation; the knowledge that you are the first thing she touches, the point at which she meets the rest of the world.

She relies on her feet to make her way in the world, and to ground her. When she needs nothing else she needs her feet, to support her and bear her weight and her movements and her actions. They are her routine facilitator, and they provide her mobility, and to that extent her autonomy.

And they are put through a lot in order to provide her with that support. If we say that the average woman weighs around 160 pounds, and that she takes an average of 6,000 steps every day, this means that by the time each day is done she’s put nearly 500 tons of pressure on the soles of her feet, and that’s on an average day. 365 days a year. Wouldn’t it be nice if somewhere along the way someone did something to mitigate that, and to soothe whatever pain and repair whatever damage may come with it?

The same is true in a different way of her shoes and her socks, and this too illustrates why they should be treated with care and respect. Her shoes not only protect her physically, from injury and pain, but they also protect her purity; every day she walks through filth and muck and all kinds of disgusting things, and they go with her wherever she wants, protecting her and providing a barrier between those things she might encounter and her sacred body and person. The socks capture the half a pint of sweat she will produce on an average day, sweat that is filled with her unique chemical signature, and represent a testament to her exertions and also to that same freedom and autonomy. In both cases there is an innate, inanimate stoicism in the utility of their role, and they serve a noble and reliable function that benefits her enormously.

In both cases, too, we can see something that is unique and special about women, and that is their seemingly fundamental persuasion toward making that beautiful. The socks and the shoes she chooses, how or whether she paints her nails or incorporates jewelry, how she matches these things to the rest of her outfit and matches that to the circumstances of her environment, all of these are a unique daily expression of her essential impulse to beautify and adorn the mundane, which is something that must be appreciated categorically.

Moreover it is an expression of her unique tastes and sensibilities when it comes to how to interpret that impulse, and it gives one an insight directly into that wealth of her individuality in an immediate and current way. In short, it is an avenue of her personal expression, her unique style and way, and it’s a line into her heart, which should be cherished and celebrated appropriately. Every day, for just a moment, she thinks about what she’s going to wear on her feet, how she will dress them and present them to the world, and for a moment it makes her just a little happy, or at least gives her the feeling of appropriateness and harmony, and then even when she forgets about and ignores them they serve her continually, without complaint and until she no longer needs it.

If she kicks ass and looks great doing it a certain amount of that is due to this support, and it is worth acknowledging this as a way of appreciating her personally. In some way, if you are her slave and are also dedicated to her support and her wellbeing and her care, there is an element of common cause between you and these objects, and you can appreciate their service to her as you hope she will appreciate yours.

In general then, foot massage and foot bathing is a way of recognizing what a woman goes through on a daily basis and a way of participating in that as a result of that recognition. It is acknowledging and acting accordingly in order to pursue her highest state of accomplishment and wellbeing together. It allows her to be compensated for what she goes through in order to be powerful and efficacious, and in this way it both increases the amount of which she is capable and it lessens the cost of pursuing that capability. It grants her the means to be more vital as well as rewarding her in a way for having pursued that vitality.

Now all of this is true, and it commands appreciation and respect, without invoking D/s at all, but if we ask ourselves what foot worship and submission to a woman’s feet add to the picture, we can begin to appreciate the extra benefit she receives as a result of its employment.

Let us say first that foot worship is consistent with the representation of an enormous degree of respect and reverence to one’s Domme, and this is manifest in the physical relationship between one’s body and one’s Domme’s. By definition, in order to worship a woman’s feet when she is in a powerful position you must place yourself at her southernmost geography, her nadir, and from that point anything of her is above you. You must elect a position that is in common with the least of her, and that is focused upon what is the least acknowledged, least celebrated feature of her anatomy.

Sexually speaking too, a position at a woman’s feet is functionally the furthest one can be from her vagina while still remaining connected to her body, which indicates, if anything, a willingness to attenuate one’s desire for physical contact with her so that it manifests as a desire for her and for her being as opposed to the desire for the penetrative act or even for the sex organ itself. To me, apart from the inherent symbolism in the act, the position alone demonstrates the declaration that Yes, I want you profoundly, but if all I can have are the soles of your feet and the tips of your toes I will rejoice, and I will assume a place there until you welcome me to your sex.

Letting her enjoy that power and giving her the space to play in it and tease and hold you there until she decides to do otherwise is in many ways the essence of D/s, and it can be enormously gratifying for Domme and sub alike. Further, if the experience is a struggle, whether through feigned resistance and coercion or because of feigned revulsion and subjection, the exercise is enhanced, along with the concurrent emotions within the D/s dynamic.

This is why it’s so important to take one’s time and let her determine not just what is sufficient or what is adequate but what is enough, with foot worship in general but with massage and bathing in particular, because it is a demonstration of your will to subvert or rather to sublimate your desire into actions that support and contribute to her, even if what that means is adoration or humiliation, with or without the service you perform. You want to demonstrate the abundance of that will, and the stamina necessary to carry it through, and the unfailing commitment to place her needs, even her whims, wishes, and wants, ahead of your desire. In this you demonstrate the will to be disciplined rather than reckless, and, again, letting her be in control of that and letting her test it and enjoy herself in that control is core D/s.

The other thing is that either all or nearly all of this philosophy routinely goes over the heads and under the noses of an extreme majority of men, even many of those who fetishize innately but without reflection, which means that not only are the feet of the average woman purely ignored on a regular basis, but often the attention they do receive is inappropriate, exploitative, or misguided. In your own submissive practice you should strive always to do better than this, and to ensure that, however it excites and stimulates you, your heart is in the right place.

If we are to treat these women like divinities, like goddesses, we can see that even the prosaic and mundane considerations with which we all forced to contend are an unwarranted blight on the sanctity of their existence; when framed appropriately we can see that we must act for their benefit not just in a proactive sense, but even to counteract what they suffer simply by virtue of being human.

© 2019

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