PUBLIC PREVIEW – Performance Review (Katy Did, Part II)

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Part II in The Office Slut Saga!

Synopsis: Katy goes back to work with a new job description and has to serve not only her boss but her co-workers too.

This L+ (Multiple Mistress Lezdom) story features:
Blackmail, Punishment, Bondage, Strapon Play, Anal Sex, Erotic Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Spanking/Slapping, and Cuntbusting.

I knew better than to be late, and it was 7:43 when I walked in the building. I went through the revolving doors into the lobby and past the security desk, giving all the outward appearance of normalcy and confidence, but inside I was shaking.

Last night had convinced Amanda I was worth keeping on, but both as she left and in text messages this morning she had made it clear that I was not out of the woods when it came to keeping my job.

I took the elevator to the 29th floor, shuffling in with all the other passengers, and I became acutely aware again of my clothes, or rather my particular lack thereof. As Amanda had instructed in her curt, deliberate texts, I had dressed for the day in my normal professional attire, but with a single, glaring omission; beneath my long khaki jacket, below my pressed cornflower blouse, and above my smart combination of knee high boots and socks, I wore nothing at all.

I had gotten up early to trim and shave my intimate areas, to make myself, as she said, presentable, rubbed myself down with coconut oil, and when I left the apartment the presence of the day’s unseasonably cool breeze was quite apparent indeed. It made my ride on the subway a fraught one, made me nervous as I descended the stairs to the platform, made me opt to stand even in the half empty car, made me nervous again as I climbed the stairs back to the street. It made me conscious, from the moment I awoke to her instructions, how under her control I was.

I stepped off of the elevator alone, into the empty hallway, and I was surprised to see a note taped to the glass door to our offices:

Closed for the day, 8/27
Please hold all deliveries

I peered through into the dark reception area, confused, and I pulled on the door to find it locked.

My mind went in circles, puzzling over Amanda’s very clear instructions, and I finally decided to try my badge on the card reader, something I had never had to do before. It beeped, and I heard the lock open. I pulled on the door, surprised again by the stillness and quiet in the usually bustling office.

I tiptoed through the welcome area and down the hallway, listening for signs of the other women’s presence but it appeared I was alone. I took out my key and unlocked the door to Amanda’s office, last night’s events flashing for the hundredth time in my mind.

She had told me to lock myself inside and wait for her arrival. When I turned around and switched on the light I saw that her office was neat and tidy as always, but on the desk, backlit by the window, there was the conspicuous addition of the same pair of thick black cuffs that had bound my wrists last night, and a long, jet black dildo gag with a leather strap.

I jumped as the door to her adjoining private bathroom opened and I heard her voice. “You’re here. Good.”

© 2017-2018

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