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Synopsis: Annie and her boyfriend are new in the building, and things quickly turn kinky when they invite their fetching next-door neighbor over for dinner.

This F/L (Couples’ Femdom) story features:
Bondage, Cunnilingus/Facesitting, Cuntbisting, Foot Fetish, Sock Fetish, Footdom, Cum Play, Erotic Humiliation, Forced Orgasm, and Strapon Play.

“That’s her!” I mouthed to Annie as we turned the corner, and sure enough there was a moment where we stood just a couple of feet apart at our doorways, and she let it hang in the air for a second or two before turning to us and smiling. She introduced herself and welcomed us to the building. We smiled back and in a roundabout way managed to say we hoped we weren’t too noisy, and she almost laughed but waved it off as we continued chatting a little in the hallway.

“Well we were just getting ready to make dinner. Would you like to join us?” I was surprised. Annie wasn’t usually very outgoing. She wasn’t shy exactly, just meek and a little nervous, but as I looked at her I could tell that something in her was drawn to the woman and wanted her company. Kim adjusted the laptop bag slung over her shoulder and smiled again, and she said she’d love to once she got settled in after work.

When we got inside Annie hurriedly put down the grocery bags she was carrying on the counter and spun around with wide eyes and an excited expression. “Oh my god!” she whispered, and I smiled back as I set down my bags too. “She’s gorgeous!”

I agreed that she was, and Annie looked flushed as she said how hot it was to hear her masturbating while we fucked. We whispered briefly about the night’s potential, excitedly considering the possibilities, and then Annie started scurrying around to tidy up while I started cooking. She put on a little background music and misted the room with some essential oil spray. She came up behind me at the stove and kissed my neck, putting her hands on my hips, and I turned around and we were kissing when we heard the knock at the door.

“I hope we’re having something that goes with red,” she said, holding up the bottle of wine she had brought over as Annie let her in. She had changed out of her work clothes and adopted a slimming black top and matching comfortable pants and sneakers, but even dressed down she looked well put together.

“Perfect!” Annie said with a grin, and she poured us each a glass and invited Kim into the living room and they sat down on the couch together. We all chatted for a while, what we did for work, what we did for fun. We learned that Kim was in marketing and that she lived alone, spending most of her spare time at the gym or watching movies.

“That is, of course, when I’m not…” She laughed.

“What?” Annie prompted her.

“Well, haha, you know, I’ve got another major interest. You could almost call it a hobby.” She grinned again and we waited for her to elaborate. “I mean, these walls are thin so you must have some idea. I think our beds actually sit against the same wall.”

I stirred the sauce one last time and turned around, and I saw Annie blushing as she stared, transfixed, at Kim.

“What can I say?” she continued. “I like to show myself a good time.” We all agreed that was a good thing, and I set the plates on the table and told them it was ready. “I mean,” she said as we all sat down, “I don’t know why the sexual experience isn’t a central interest for most people. I don’t know how anyone can just ignore it or not care about it. They don’t know what they’re missing.”

Our forks and knives scraped and squeaked on the plates as we discussed this, as we talked about sexual identity and sexual expression and exploration. I bristled when I felt the side of her sneaker brush against my calf, just for a moment, and then I felt a chill as she stopped.

“Well that was just delicious,” she said happily, and Annie kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for cooking as she got up to take our dishes to the sink. “Does he do all the cooking?”

“Most of the time, yeah,” Annie replied over the sound of the water. “When we don’t eat out. He does a lot of the cleaning too, he says he likes to take care of me.” She looked over her shoulder and winked at me, and I felt Kim’s sneaker return to my leg.

“Wow! Haha. Does he serve you?”

Annie dropped the fork she was washing. She picked it back up and looked over her shoulder at Kim. “What do you mean?”

Kim finished her wine and smiled again. “Well, I mean, have you got him trained?” Her eyes fixed on me. “Is he a good boy?”

Annie shut off the water, wiped her hands, and turned around. “You mean…” Kim giggled and leaned back, withdrawing her leg and bringing it up to the edge of her chair.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed about,” she said. “I just wondered what the score was around here.” Annie and I exchanged mildly puzzled looks. “Ah,” she continued. “I see. You two haven’t worked that out yet.”

Annie stepped back to the table and poured the last of the wine into Kim’s glass. “Do you mean… like are you into…” She couldn’t seem to finish her sentence. Kim raised her glass and took another sip before answering.

“I just think there’s an order to these things. A natural way about them. I think everybody’s happier when they know their place.”


© 2018

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