4 New Stories!!

We’re pleased to announce the publication of 4 hot, kinky new femdom stories right here on SMUTProject.com!

Squad Goals – A women’s rugby team makes it to the playoffs, and its star players have a locker room celebration at the expense of the opposing team’s captain. (FREE PREVIEW)

Slave to Her Slippers – Lily decides to indulge her slave, but with a humiliating twist. (FREE PREVIEW)

The New Roommate – A convenient living arrangement gets complicated when it turns out Elaina is a domme with a fetish. (FREE PREVIEW)

Our Neighbor – Annie and her boyfriend are new in the building, and things quickly turn kinky when they invite their fetching next-door neighbor over for dinner. (FREE PREVIEW)

These sexy, naughty stories are available exclusively at SMUTProject.com, to Patreon subscribers who pledge $10/month or more. SUBSCRIBE NOW to access these and 8 other completed stories, as well as more shorts, 3 novellas, and a full-length novel in progress.

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