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Nora's Game cover (JPG)Synopsis: Playtime with Nora revolves around a cheeky dice game of her own design.  (2,821 words)

This F (Femdom) story features:
Foot Fetish, Sock Fetish, and Footdom in Socks.

Nora gave me a mischievous little wink and put one hand on her thigh as she leaned down over the edge of the bed, and my eyes scanned across the pale, creamy white of her skin. She was sitting cross-legged wearing an elegant, tasteful set of lacy black lingerie, the effect of which was offset only slightly by the thin, worn, and dirty striped socks she had kept on when she had undressed a few minutes before.

I had returned her smile as she pulled off her pale blue jeans and her brown and yellow ringer t-shirt, and I must admit I was surprised by what she was sporting underneath. I had always known her as a playful, upbeat, and down-to-earth personality with an active sense of humor, but I had sensed here and there little hints of what I knew must have been a deep and vibrant sexuality. We had known each other for years, since high school even, and along the way she had made this joke or that one, laughed a little too hard at this one or that one of mine, and always there was this latent, indirect level of winking innuendo that colored our interactions.

She was on the shorter side, maybe 5′ 5”, with a kind of tomboy-ish style and long, straight brown hair that was usually worn up in a ponytail. In our little group of friends back in the day she had acted more or less like one of the guys, but she had grown into a strong, confident, independent woman, and underneath her old jeans and homemade inside joke t-shirt her breasts were medium-sized and perky, her legs were thick in all the right places, and the rest of her body was almost effervescent with her spirit.

She reached down beneath the bed skirt and pulled out a shallow wooden box with a hinged lid and a small latch, and she sat it on the bed in front of her and turned it towards me. She kept eye contact as she felt for the latch and undid it and, putting her hands on either side of the lid, said, “Why don’t you pick something to play with?”

© 2017

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