25 Questions for Prodommes

Hello Dominatrices!

We at TSP are interested in you and what you have to say about your work, about kink, about sex, life, and anything else you’d like to share with us. We’re hoping to use your answers to the questions below to inform a series of think pieces we’re developing about sexual professionals, from prodommes to camgirls to pornographers and more.

Feel free to answer as few or as many as you respond to, either here in comments, in our DMs on Twitter, or via email. Answers will not be published directly but we may be interested in quoting from them later (in which case we’d approach you for your permission), and whether your words were identified or anonymous would be up to you.

Thanks very much in advance for your input!

  1. What’s important to you about your work? What do you find most personally gratifying?
  2. How would you describe the path that brought you to where you are today?
  3. Do you have an appetite for kink outside of your work life? What about kinky fantasy (pornography, erotica, etc.)?
  4. How is your kinky side different in your personal life than in your professional life?
  5. To what extent do you think of your professional activities as roleplay?
  6. How has your work been affected by the internet? What do you think has changed about kink in general because of the internet?
  7. To what extent do you involve a formal dungeon setting in your work?
  8. Do you think the persona of a dominatrix is a fetish unto itself, apart from the acts and attitudes involved?
  9. How has your professional repertoire and/or your sexuality evolved because of your work?
  10. How do you find you are treated by your clients? What about by the public?
  11. What do you think motivates someone to seek out your services? What do you think makes a submissive a client?
  12. What do you think of the way people in your line of work are portrayed in media? Are there any depictions of your work or lifestyle that you find accurate?
  13. How has your professional life affected your romantic or dating life? What do you have to say about dating and relationships as a kinky person apart from your work?
  14. To what extent do you rely on the support or guidance of other Dommes?
  15. What’s the thing you talk about the most with other Dommes?
  16. Were you mentored or helped out by anyone in particular as you developed your business?
  17. Has your job had any subtle, mundane effects on your daily life that people who aren’t familiar with your world wouldn’t be aware of?
  18. What’s something about your work, life, or lifestyle that you think an outsider might find surprising?
  19. Is there anything that you think you think about or respond to differently because of your work and experience?
  20. What’s the biggest challenge or obstacle you’ve had to confront in your professional life?
  21. What advice would you give to new Dommes starting out today?
  22. What do you think is the biggest misconception about your work or your lifestyle?
  23. What keeps you coming back to the job?
  24. What’s the best thing your work has brought into your life?
  25. What’s something you wish more people knew about your work or your lifestyle?

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