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Synopsis: Victory at the pool table spells trouble for an unsuspecting opponent.

This F (Femdom) story features:
A Lost Bet, Erotic Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Footdom in Socks, and Cunnilingus/Facesitting.

“Wanna make it interesting?”

I gave the coin slot a shove and heard the balls shift in the table before rolling down into the end, and I raised my eyebrows in answer as I looked back at Val. Her lips spread into a big grin as she chalked the tip of her cue, and I asked her what she had in mind.

“This is the tie-breaker right?” She said, knowing perfectly well that it was. We had a long-running back and forth over the pool table bragging rights, which we settled weekly at a quiet bar near where we worked. I would win most of the time and often she would explode at me, laughing and shoving me and calling me names, but occasionally she’d have an incredible run and I would lose. That’s what had happened last week– for whatever reason my game just wasn’t what it should have been and she had easily shut me out, three games to none. I had grumbled and told her I’d get her back next week, and this time I was having a better go of things, having quickly won the first two games, but now she was beginning to play very well and had me on the run.

“Well yes Valerie,” I said sarcastically as I pulled out the triangle and began racking the balls, “I suppose it is.”

She laughed and took another drink of her beer, stepping over to the far end of the table and looking at me. She set her cue in the corner and pulled off her glasses to wipe them off with the front of her black hoodie, and then as she held them up to the light and inspected them she said, “How about we raise the stakes a little then?”

I told her I didn’t have any cash on me.

“Well then,” she said, slipping her glasses on and shaking her long, pale blonde hair out of her face, “why don’t we make it more interesting than that?” She winked at me and grabbed her cue and set it on the edge of the table as I removed the triangle, and as she positioned the ball she continued. “Name your terms. What do you get if you win?”

“Hmm,” I said, taking a moment and feigning indecision. I knew what I was going to say from the time she asked that first question but I was waiting for the moment to be right. “How about if I win I get to take you out on a date?”

She chuckled, shaking her head a bit as she began tying her hair into a quick braid. “Why am I not surprised?”

“And if you win?”

“If I win?” She paused, looking up for a moment, and then looked right into my eyes. “We go back to my place and have a little fun.” She smiled wide this time and picked up her cue. “Agreed?”

I laughed, my head swelling as I walked over to one of the stools at her end of the table. “Deal.” She picked up her cue and squared up to break. “Win-win,” I added matter-of-factly.

She soundlessly gave half of another chuckle, staring down at the cue ball as she positioned it, and then with a grin and an edge of something in her voice, she said, “That’s what you think.”

 © 2017

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