Over 50,000 words!

Just for kicks we added up the total word count of SMUT Project Press’ efforts to date, and at the moment the count stands at, (drumroll please…):


We were pleasantly surprised by the figure, particularly because it’s actually just a little higher than the total count for the likes of Fahrenheit 451, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and The Great Gatsby. Only about 1/3 of the total has been uploaded in the form of micro stories, public previews, and sneak peaks, so there’s plenty more on the way, and the figure is growing all the time.

We really just wanted to mark this milestone, and let all of our fans know that we’re still going strong.  Remember that your support on Patreon will go a long way toward making this material available online, and will enable us to keep churning out the good stuff!

Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll look forward to the next 50,000!

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