PUBLIC PREVIEW – Torture in the Tent

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Torture in the Tent cover (JPG) smallSynopsis: Lauren and two of her best friends have plans of their own when they invite an unsuspecting victim camping. (6,757 words)

This F+ (Multiple Mistress Femdom) story features:
Bondage, Isolation, Foot Fetish, Sock Fetish, Footdom in Socks, Cunnilingus/Facesitting, Smoking, Trampling, and Cum Play.

I rolled over in my sleeping bag, feeling the nylon brush against my naked skin, and I tucked my legs up into me. It was a little cold but short of chilly, and I sighed as I closed my eyes and replayed the day’s highlights in my mind.

The girls and I had hiked a taxing 6 miles uphill in the mid-summer heat, all of us sweating profusely, to get away from the thronging crowds at the designated campsites. We were deep in the dense pine forest along the creek on the side of a mountain, and as I listened to the wind blowing softly outside I flashed on the day last week when Lauren had invited me, when I stopped in, as I often did, at the coffee shop where she worked. Just me and some friends, I’m waiting to hear back from a few people, but yeah. If you aren’t doing anything this weekend…

I remembered the way she had looked in her white tank top, with her thin blonde dreadlocks done up in a ponytail under a red paisley bandana and that black apron around her waist. I could sense then that she was attracted to me and I certainly was to her, stopping in for probably more lattes than I needed on a daily basis just to see her.

I was glad to spend this time with her, getting to know her better, and I had secretly wished that no one else would be available so that I could suggest we share my tent, just, you know, “so we wouldn’t have to carry extra weight.” I suppose in that sense it was unfortunate that she had brought along two of her best friends and decided to share a tent with them, but I found them agreeable enough and I had enjoyed the pleasure of their company as we made camp, gathered wood, and cooked and laughed around the fire. Though it probably made my hike that little bit more difficult, I had decided to pack in a good-sized bottle of Jägermeister which we passed around happily and the girls had brought what they all agreed was some really excellent pot, so by the time we decided to douse the fire and go to bed we were all feeling pretty light.

I thought about breakfast in the morning. I thought about the next couple of days we were planning to spend and how I’d try and get Lauren to come exploring with me while the others did anything else. And I thought about how great her body had looked as she walked in front of me the whole way up the trail.

Suddenly I heard the high, soft little whine of the zipper of my tent being pulled, and as my eyes snapped open I became aware of the flashlights splashing the white nylon walls and of the faint, girlish laughter outside. I sat up in my sleeping bag, my legs pointed at the door, blinking and trying to discern what was going on, but before I knew it the flap had opened and suddenly I could make out the silhouettes of Lauren, Barbara, and Courtney. They stood at the doorway for a moment, pointing their lights at me, and as I started to ask what was up and to unzip my bag from the inside, Lauren whispered, “Get him!”

© 2017

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