PUBLIC PREVIEW – Stripped Tease

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Stripped Tease cover (JPG)Synopsis: Cruel Jordan can’t get enough of watching her poor roommate squirm. (3,053 words)

This L (Lezdom) story features:
Tease and Denial, Bondage, Edging, Orgasm Control, Erotic Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Sock Fetish, Footdom in Socks, Strapon Play, Spit Fetish, Tickling, and Wrestling.

Jordan adjusted her headphones as the bus rocked along the city streets, the straps of her backpack dangling behind her, leaning into the handrail as the driver abruptly applied the brakes. She was headed back from campus after a semi-early class, and even at 10:30 in the morning the August heat was stifling and she appreciated the tiny stream of air flowing in through the vent window above her.

The bus was crowded and noisy, per usual, and it was a visceral relief stepping back off into the world. She adjusted herself and started walking back to her apartment, and as she did she could feel the sweat that had already soaked into her socks throughout the morning. A grin spread across her face knowing that her feet must be stinking to high heaven, something that always amused her, and knowing that in ten minutes’ time she’d be torturing her slave with the stench.

She reached her building and jogged up the stairs to the second floor, pulling her keys out of the side pocket of her backpack, and when she opened the door her grin resurfaced as a wicked smile as she stepped into the still quiet of the apartment. There could only be one explanation: her slavegirl, against explicit orders, had fallen asleep.

She dropped off her things by the door, removing her baseball cap and letting her dirty blonde hair down out of it’s ponytail. She scratched lightly at her scalp as she shook the hot air out of her locks, loving the air conditioning, and went to get herself a glass of water. She drank it down in long slugs as she stepped quietly into the bedroom and stood in the doorway, seeing Lisa and watching her sleep.

She sighed contentedly and held her arms to her chest, adoring her, thinking how cute she looked with her ankles and wrists bound spread eagle to the straps that ran under their bed, a dirty pair of Jordan’s panties pulled over her head and a dirty pair of her own stuffed in her mouth, her pretty hair all messed up, the dried tears around her eyes. Jordan cocked her head and sighed again as she reflected on how different their relationship had once been and how pleased and satisfied she was with the way it was now.

Lisa had once just been Jordan’s roommate, one year ahead of her in their Bachelor’s programs at the college, and they had become more than familiar; going over their dating lives with each other, helping each other study, eating most of their meals together, occasionally falling asleep together in front of the TV. Their relationship had taken a turn, however, about a month prior, when Jordan had discovered to her incredible delight just how much she loved watching Lisa squirm.

© 2017

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